Crochet t-shirt yarn basket tutorial!


I’ve been seeing a lot of cute things made out of t-shirt yarn lately. I also had a vast stash of sentimental, but not really worn, t-shirts – you know the kind, from running races, or school events, or places you went on vacation. I have aspirations to make the pictures on them into a quilt someday, but for the time being, this giant box of t-shirts was just taking up too much space. So, I cut out the pictures from the fronts of the t-shirts and stashed them away where they now take up so much less space, and made the lower part of the shirts into t-shirt yarn. I was so pleased with how this basket turned out, especially since it was effectively free, I thought I’d share how I made it in case you want to make your own.


T-shirts (I used 11 shirts, size small & medium mostly, with varying amounts of the shirt set aside for the logo)


Reasonably good fabric scissors (you might go nuts if you try to do this with kid’s scissors)

Size N crochet hook


Cut the t-shirts below the arm-pit, or below the bottom of the picture, whichever is lower, so you have fabric tubes & cut off the bottom hem.

Fold the t-shirt tubes and cut them into even strips – I used the length of my thumbnail as a rough measure of width (~1.5 cm). The pictures in this tutorial shows you how to cut them into a spiral. – I skipped the stretching it part – maybe that matters with knitting, but it doesn’t seem necessary for crochet.

As you cut each shirt- tie it onto the last one and roll it all up in a giant, self-striping ball.

Now it’s time to crochet!

Round 1: Chain (ch) 7

Round 2: 3 single crochet (sc) in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each of next 5 ch, 6 sc in end ch, come back up the other side of the chain with sc in each of next 5 ch, then 3 sc in the ch where you began this round. Don’t join – the basket is worked in a spiral rather than discrete rounds.

Rounds 3-8: sc in each sc, but in each corner 3sc in the corner sc

(At this point decide if the basket is the size you want – if you’d like it bigger just add a few more rounds like those above)

Round 9: sc in the back-loops-only of each sc around

Round 10: sc in each sc, but in each corner sc 2 together

Rounds 11-19: sc in each sc

Round 20: sc in each sc, except in the center of each short end, skip 6 sc and instead ch 7

Round 21: sc in each sc, on the ch sections 8 sc wrapping clear around the ch (not going into the ch stitches), slip st to connect end.

Weave in the ends and put some stuff in your new basket! Mine is holding my knitting project, but it could also hold magazines, or fruit, or toys, the possibilities are nearly endless!



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